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"Science Under Attack” is the website of Ralph B. Alexander, a retired physicist and a science writer who puts science above political correctness. The author of Science Under Attack: The Age of Unreason and Global Warming False Alarm, Ralph has long been concerned about today’s abuse and rejection of science – as opposed to technology, which is thriving.

Although we pay lip service to science, the emphasis on empirical evidence and logic that distinguish true science from pseudoscience or other imitations is missing from much of the public scientific debate on topics like climate change, vaccination and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This blog will examine how science is currently under attack in discussion of these hot-button issues as well as others ranging from evolution to dietary fat. Apart from forces attacking science from within, the blog will highlight the challenges from external influences such as political and economic forces, activism and religious beliefs.

Ralph grew up in Perth, Western Australia and received his PhD in physics from the University of Oxford (where they call it a DPhil). His thesis research in the interdisciplinary area of ion-solid interactions reflected his interest in a wide range of scientific subjects. Dr. Alexander has held a variety of positions in research, academia and industry over the course of his scientific career, and now lives in California.